Aug 14

What Will Both Of The New iPhones Be Called?

186333494Ever since the world started talking about the iPhone 6 there have been rumors that it would come in a large screen model and a smaller screen model. Now there is a Chinese website that claims that the large screen will be included in the new iPhone’s name, confirming that the rumors are true.

There is a Hong Kong based website called Apple Daily that has posted photos that are reported to be of the next iPhone to come out. After all of the rumors, it is hard to be surprised by the two different screen sizes that they posted. People assume that they will be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, but it is impossible to verify the exact size just based off of pictures. But most importantly the larger one is actually being called the iPhone 6L.

It is unknown how the website may have discovered the actual name of the larger iPhone, as it does not appear in any of the pictures they posted. Knowing that, you shouldn’t look at it as being 100% factual, but so far most of the iPhone rumors have been proven to be pretty accurate. The thing that has everyone stumped right now is the fact that we don’t even have any clues as to what the smaller version of the phone might be called.

There have already been some people saying that it may be called the iPhone 6C. That doesn’t make sense though because the only reason that the 5C existed in the first place was so that they could keep selling the previous year’s model but with a cheaper casing and cheaper components. This phone is going to be a completely new device, and it doesn’t look very cheap, so that doesn’t make sense.

There is also no way that they could call it the “6S” either because that is most certainly going to be reserved for the second generation of the iPhone 6. The most likely name for the smaller version is probably just going to be the “iPhone 6″, with just the larger model having a special name.

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Apple Daily also has some information on battery specifications for the two new phones too. It looks like the iPhone 6L is going to have a 2,915 mAh battery and the smaller model is going to have a 1,810 mAh battery. The iPhone 5S has a 1,560 mAh battery, so you can see how much of an improvement that will be.

The new phones will be running iOS8 and will probably have better chips than the current iPhone 5S. Pair that with the unbreakable screen that is said to come on the iPhone 6, and this is probably going to be the greatest smartphone release ever.

Aug 14

Don’t Worry, Microsoft Fans! Windows 9 Is On Its Way!

windowI feel as though Microsoft has been lacking quite a bit lately. I won’t lie, I’m a bit saddened by it, as I’ve always had a soft spot for Microsoft, and Bill Gates was my hero growing up. That being said, if you’re looking at it from a strictly business perspective, they’ve fallen behind by a lot. Companies like Apple and Samsung have all but surpassed them. They still may doing better than Acer and HP, but if I had to, I’d put them on par with Google right about now. Not down-talking Google. I’m just saying that Microsoft used to be the top dog in the tech industry. One has to wonder if they’ve fallen behind because of lackluster hardware or software such as Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

No One Was Really A Fan

When Windows 8 was first released, naturally Microsoft hyped it up as much as possible. Advertisements left and right. It was looked at as being quite the overhaul of Windows 7. Windows 8 saw the use of integrated “windows” that seemed like a really great concept and on paper, it was. The biggest issue is that it may have been biting off more than it could chew with all it was trying to accomplish. The use of Metro, for example, made you have to get used to a whole new way of operating your device. If you had a PC, you were essentially using an OS interface that was meant for your phone. It works well enough on a tablet, but the idea of having all of their devices operate on the same OS interface isn’t exactly possible without some confusion. This is where they fell flat. That and they got rid of the start menu. Bad call, Microsoft, bad call.

So What About Windows 9?

Just so everyone knows, Windows 9 IS coming… but not in the way that you might want it. At least not yet. During the fall season of this year, Microsoft is planning on releasing a beta software version of their new software. They’ve titled the new software “Threshold” for now. They’ve done releases like this in the past where they have released beta versions of both Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 mainly for developer testing. The new “Threshold” software will take a bit more distinctive approach this time around for its download process. Anyone who decides to install the new software will have to agree to a monthly automatic update to the software. Just know that Microsoft made a good call with the new software and they will be bringing back the Start Menu.

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Too Little Too Late?

Even though Microsoft is going to be bringing us Windows 9 in the Spring of 2015 (supposedly), you have to wonder if they’re a bit too late. Microsoft’s advertising has become a bit more visceral recently as they’ve seen how Apple has still been dominating the competition. Ads showing how much better Cortana is than Siri just show how much they’re trying to push their new products. It’s even rumored that they will be bring Cortana to Windows 9 as your personal assistant as well. We will see how that one pans out. Apple, Samsung, Google, Android, and other companies have been passing Microsoft, so who’s to say that Windows 9 will be good enough to make a splash in a market flooded with Apple and Samsung mobile devices.

I’ve grown to be quite the Apple fan boy, but I still love Microsoft and admire how far that company has come in the time that they’ve been around. I sincerely hope that they can properly integrate their new software to be something easy to work with and visually appealing. Apple can only stay king for so long, but I honestly don’t know if Microsoft will ever be able to hold a candle to them anymore, especially with how mobile technology has taken over. I guess we will find out next spring.


Aug 14

Motorola’s Launch Event For The Moto 360 Smartwatch

moto360Early next month Motorola is going to be holding a launch event. It makes sense that it would be for the Moto 360 Smartwatch.

The company sent out a ton of press invites that talked about a “Moto Launch Experience” which will be held in Chicago on September 4th. There were tons of different Android devices that were shown off for the first time at Google I/O. Out of all of them, the Moto 360 is the one that got the most attention. This is probably thanks to its nice design and circular screen, something that all the other companies making smart watches haven’t been doing.

The invitation website gave out some other clues that pointed to what Motorola was going to announce at the event. There was an animated graphic that showed a watch, an in-ear accessory and two phones with the labels “X” and “G” on them. If you ask me, these clues are pretty clear. The two smartphones are most definitely the Moto X and the Moto G. The other two are probably new accessories that are exactly what you’d expect.

The weekend that Motorola has scheduled the event for is going to be a huge weekend in general. The event is being held on September 3rd, which is one day before Samsung will be holding an event in Berlin, New York and Beijing. The Samsung event is rumored to be based around the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. the IFA consumer electronics trade show is going to start in Berlin on September 5th. Another event around the same time that is expected to happen is a launch event for Apple. They are expected to hold one for the iPhone 6 on September 9th.

The one thing that may hurt Samsung is that most of the press will be in Berlin for IFA. Holding their event at around the same time in Chicago means that they may have way less attendees. But either way, it will be awesome to have a look at their upcoming products.

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Aug 14

Samsung Testing Three Sided Smartphone Display

transparent phoneWhen Samsung put out the Galaxy round, everyone thought it was really cool but pretty odd. They are now about to take things to the next level. One of the Korean suppliers for Samsung parts has said that the company has started testing three-sided displays that are going to be used on new smartphones.

There have been plenty of rumors about this type of display making it’s way to the smartphone market. Originally, everyone thought that Apple was going to use a three-sided display for the upcoming iPhone 6. It turns out that Samsung is going to be the first company to actually use the technology and reports have claimed that a device using this could be going into production as soon as the end of this year.

A while ago, the executive manager for Samsung’s Wireless Business Division Kim Hyeon mentioned a new flagship model during a conference call for Samsung’s second quarter earnings. Hyeon was not able to say anything specific about the device except that it was going to be an innovative, attractive, large screened flagship model using cutting edge materials.

To produce these on a large scale may be a little more difficult than usual though. Three sided displays will be using a plastic substrate that is apparently very limited in quantity and very hard to work with. So if there is going to be some sort of release by the end of the year then it would probably be a very limited Korean release to test the water and see how it does.

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Aug 14

So Why Should You Rent Your iPads In Bulk?

ipad business

The big event is next week and you’ve been put in charge. You’re on a budget, but you want to create the best experience possible for the audience during the big presentation and perhaps, to you, that means being more interactive than staring at a slideshow on a projector. So you finally decide that iPads are the way to go, but you’re going to need a lot of them, fast.

So what do you do?

It’s All About The Rental

Laptops are all well and good when dealing with a company presentation, but the beauty of today’s technology is that we are able to access devices even more mobile than a laptop. The tablet has taken us to a whole new level of mobile computing and has made the work environment much more productive. Again though, you need to make sure that there are enough devices to meet the demands of the presentation or event. You may think that you need to go out and buy, but before you eat a hole through your wallet, know that you can just as easily rent you tech as easy as you can purchase it. Renting will also make things a lot less stressful for event planning in the long run as well.

iPads… iPads Everywhere

Lets face facts. Apple has pushed through the ranks of technology competitors because of how well their products work. Productivity and efficiency coupled with a sleek design has pushed the company beyond others. There is also the whole “We did the tablet thing first, and perfected it” thing. Naturally, their product is going to be highly sought after. Why risk not knowing if a retail store has enough to meet the needs of your event. Not to mention do you want that price tag. Companies like www.Rentacomputer.com have iPads on tap, pretty much. Do you need a bulk order? Not a problem. 100 iPads or more for a rental? They can make it happen.

More Reason To Rent

It’s all about quantity and less stress. Planning events can be so stressful. Not just business presentations but many other events as well!

  • Tech Conventions
  • Gaming Conventions
  • Computer Classes For Schools
  • Business Training Courses
  • Office Usage

All of these types of events could greatly benefit from iPad rentals. To elaborate a bit more on the office usage, maybe you’re trying to implement a new tech policy around the office, or maybe you’re just trying to upgrade. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure that you have enough to cover the staff that you need to cover. Yet another advantage is the insurance on the products. When you decide to rent your products instead of buying them, you’re taking some of the pressure’s of product safety off of yourself. For most company’s, there can be renter’s insurance policy lined up for when the products are rented to let you know what you’re covered against.

The simple fact is that much like when you buy in bulk, the price drops when you rent is bulk as well. It’s super simple as well! You can just place your order, pick it up from the designated destination, use it, pack it up when you’re done, and send it back. Not only has renting tech become easy, but renting in bulk has become even easier now as well.

Aug 14

Some Tech Fears That You May Not Know That You Have!

phobiaIf I were to ask you what you’re afraid, I’d probably get a few answers that I would expect. You may say you’re afraid of heights, the dark, clowns, or even bugs. The typical fears. I, for one, am TERRIFIED of spiders. I have a few other fears, but that’s besides the point. You may be wondering why I’m even talking about this. Well some fears can be deemed irrational. My fear of needles could be deemed as an irrational fear. There are other fears and phobias out there that you may not even be aware of that could be viewed as extremely irrational to techies like myself.

Yes, there are tech phobias.

Are You Afraid Of Computers?

Some people in the world are afraid of the color yellow. Some people are afraid of peanut butter, or big words. With that being said, it should actually not be shocking to hear that some people are “technophobic”. This term, while not an official clinical term, suggest that someone is afraid of technology. Reasons and logic behind fear are always hard to figure out. I tend to feel that with as advanced as technology has become and how quickly it is continuing to advance, there could be reason for fear. I’m not saying that there will be an uprising of sentient technology, but I feel as if there are some of us out there who tend to fear it because we don’t understand it. That would be completely reasonable in my eyes. Most elderly people might not like technology now because they can’t adapt to it as well, thus making them hate it or fear it. Then again someone could be 20 years old and terrified of technology for a completely irrational reason.

A Fear That We All Might Have

If I were to tell you that there is a legitimate fear of losing or being without your mobile device, would you believe me. Well hopefully you know yourself well enough, like I know myself, to acknowledge that that could be entirely possible. Not only is it possible, but it’s also completely real. “Nomophobia” is the fear being without a mobile device. The phobia is said to cause anxiety and panic from fear of not having your phone or its communication features directly available to you. It’s mainly the thoughts of “what if” that can overtake the person. The feeling of not being able to remain in contact with others, losing signal, your phone dying, or even losing the phone completely can give some extreme anxiety. I hate losing my phone, I know that much.

Is There Any Reason To Be Afraid?

I feel that, again, some fears are just irrational. Some entomologists can handle bugs and spiders. I can’t do that, and could be viewed as irrational. Even though there are some out there who might be afraid of technology, it’s greatly helped out our society today. There are some of us out there who may be terrified of losing our phones, but we have become very dependent on mobile technology to keep contact with associates and loved ones, so maybe that is something of our own doing.

All of these things are completely open to opinion mind you. Again, none of these terms have been deemed as legitimate clinical diagnoses, but they seem to be big enough concerns that people have come up with names for these phobias. That being said, I’m not sure if I could ever really consider “selfiephobia”, (yes, the fear of taking a self photograph), to be a real fear.

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Aug 14

Leaked iPad Air 2 Photos Don’t Show That Much Change

ipad airIf the latest leaked photos of the new iPad Air 2 are actually legitimate, then there are only going to be a few tiny little changes made. Most of the changes are going to be only on the back casing.

The Chinese website Weibo has been posting leaked photos of lots of highly anticipated releases lately. They have posted some photos showing the rear casing of the next iPad Air showing off the not-so-awesome design tweaks that are almost non-existent.

Apple started off as being the top dog in the tablet realm. The iPad was pretty revolutionary and is what started the whole trend. Since then though, Apple has slowly been falling off in the tablet game. A report in July from IDC showed the iPad’s second quarter market share at 27 percent worldwide when it used to be at 33 percent at this same time last year. Even still, Apple remains the top tablet vendor in the world. The only thing is that Apple needs to be sure that the next installment of the most popular tablet in the world has got to be just at innovative and intriguing as the ones before it. If they don’t do that, then there will be no reason for consumers to upgrade and they will start to slip even more.

Aside from the minor tweaks to the casing that were shown on Weibo, the next iPad is supposed to have bigger speaker holes. Since they are a little bit bigger, they will be one solid row instead of the double row that is on the current iPad Air. The microphone will also be moved closer to the camera. The volume controls also appear to be more flush with the tablets casing and the photos don’t show a spot for the mute and orientation lock toggle switch that is on the current iPads. That is about it.

Hopefully the tablet gets some upgrades in the processor area. That would make sense because Apple has been upping their processors in the iPhone. There is also a chance that they will be putting in a fingerprint scanner as well. These things aren’t for sure, this is just me saying what would make sense. Apple is expected to officially announce the next installment of the iPad Air some time in October, so I’m sure there will be many new updates between now and then. Stay tuned.

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Aug 14

Microsoft’s Lawsuit Against Samsung

lawsuitMicrosoft files a contract dispute suit against Samsung. Microsoft claims that that Samsung has breached their contract that involves royalties for Android patents. Microsoft’s complaint against Samsung was filed in U.S. District Court in New York on the first of this month. Microsoft says that they have been trying for months to work out the dispute on their own with Samsung, but just couldn’t seem to work it out on their own.

Microsoft is trying to figure out whether or not it’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset and services business comes along with it’s intellectual property licensing agreement. This agreement with Samsung dates back to 2011. Along with that, they are also wanting Samsung to pay for unpaid interest from a time last year when Samsung withheld some patent royalties from Microsoft. The thing is though that Samsung did later pay for that already. The Microsoft Corporate Vice President says that the two companies have discussed this thoroughly and just cant seem to agree on the meaning of their contract.

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The contract that is causing all of these problems is from 2011. It is a multi-year IP agreement that Samsung signed with Microsoft, and they have been paying Microsoft royalties for their Android phones per device. Microsoft and Samsung agreed to cross-license their intellectual property under the agreement, and Samsung has been paying Microsoft for every single Android phone or tablet that they have sold since then.

Apparently Samsung decided to quit paying Microsoft royalties for every device last year according to a blog post that Microsoft made. Samsung used Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business as an excuse to not pay.

Aug 14

Rentacomputer.com Is The #1 Source For The World’s Top Companies

RAC clientsOnline shopping has become a staple of modern society. The ability for us to hop on the internet, search for something we want, buy it and have it shipped directly to us has completely revolutionized how we acquire and use products. With this influx of online shopping comes an influx of online sellers, people and companies that want you to buy from them. However, there is one big problem and that is knowing whether or not you are going with a reputable vendor or someone that is working out of their mom’s basement.

Rentacomputer.com is your #1 source for technology rentals. I’m talking about computer, rentals, laptop rentals, projector rentals, server rentals, tablets, projectors, office equipment, audio/visual equipment and anything else you could possibly think of. But, just like every other vendor out there, Rentacomputer.com has competition from vendors that claim to be as good (if not better) than us.

Now I could try to persuade you in the right direction by telling you that Rentacomputer.com has been in the temporary technology rental industry for over 25 years or ensures local delivery and installation with 24/7 customer service or a 15 minute guarantee that makes Little Caesar’s blush but so can every other company. What makes Rentacomputer.com different, however, is the hundreds of reputable companies from not only the United States but also the rest of the world that have done business with us.

In the 25+ years that Rentacomputer.com has been providing top notch computer and technology rentals to business professionals, convention vendors, traveling businessmen, etc… we have had the privileged of ¬†working with some of the most well-known companies around. Prepare for commencement of name dropping.

Reputable Rentacomputer.com customers include:

  • Walmart
  • General Motors (GM)
  • Fannie Mae
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • AT&T
  • JPMorganChase
  • CAT
  • Bank of America
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Microsoft
  • Ford
  • FritoLay
  • IBM
  • Proctor & Gamble (P&G)
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Kroger
  • Target
  • Boeing
  • Wells Fargo
  • PetSmart
  • TED
  • Fox News
  • And many more…

Any company can say that they’ve been in the business for however many years, they can say that they have the best guarantee, the best products, the best services, the best employees or the best marketing but you can’t really lie about working with some of the best companies on the planet. These are billion dollar companies we’re talking about here and they’re not going to just go with any old company. They are going to do their research and go with one that they can trust and one that they know they’re going to get the best, most professional experience and quality from.

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Aug 14

Comic Con Name Results in Controversy