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“Classroom training computer rentals, sound systems and projectors from are the easiest and most cost efficient way to coordinate corporate training initiatives with the least amount of headaches.”

Save Time and Money with Training Computer, Projector and Sound System Equipment Rentals. Tech Travel Agents are a big help to computer trainers. With one phone call, email or visit to a classroom equipment rental order page you can have a setup from a single computer rental to hundreds computer rentals.

Name your quantity, Rent 1 to 200 Computers
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Computer Rentals for Training with Win XP and 17 inch Monitors

Your Tech Travel Agent coordinates everything technical so you can concentrate on the execution of your computer training program.

Trainers become Computer Technicians
Trainers can become computer technicians very quickly when training computer equipment doesn’t work properly. Time consuming tasks like installing software or diagnosing computer problems can chew up your entire day!Training program organizers know how difficult it can be to ‘ work out all the bugs’ before, during and after each training program. Execution is the key to training results and efficiencies. If not enough computers work properly, you can have a real classroom training disaster on your hands.

Computer Experts at your Service
By renting the equipment from a Tech Travel Agent, you also get technical expertise on location! Computer technicians can be scheduled before, after and during your computer training class. If a problem should arise, computer technicians can be dispatched at a moments notice. Technicians carry replacement parts and equipment to get problems resolved fast.

Extra Backup Computers on Site
More good news, if you rent more than ten computers for a classroom training session, additional computers will be provided as backup!Financial ConsiderationsEven if you own all the equipment you need for a computer training session you will save money by using the installation services of

Consider the value of your time. Now add in the costs to buy computer equipment, logistics of computer equipment, storage of computer equipment, repair costs, and depreciation.
If you consider all the costs, you will find that renting computer equipment for classroom training is not only the easiest solution for trainers, it is really a great value.

Here is a quick checklist of common tasks that need to be accomplished on every computer training session.

1. Install all operating systems, utilities, drivers and training software
2. Install sound system, projectors, printers, wireless network access points.
3. Run network cables, printer cables, extension cords etc.
4. Tape down all wires
5. Connect to network services
6. Test each computers software and network connectivity
7. Troubleshoot installation problems
8. Dry run all computer and av equipment, diagnose and fix all problems
9. Schedule someone to be the on site computer technician to help service computer problems during training sessions.
10. At the end of the computer training, disconnect, pickup and return all the equipment to your company.

How many man-hours would it take for you and your company’s staff to accomplish the classroom training setup, service and teardown?

Tech Travel Agents are experts in getting the classroom training hardware and software you need. They remember all the pieces and parts that easily get overlooked. Focus on your core competency…your computer training session.

Don’t be distracted by hardware and software problems. Let us focus on our core competency.. your computer training hardware installation and management.Your total costs and total frustration is considerably lower with a Tech Travel Agent.

Here is what you get when you use a Tech Travel Agent for computer training sessions:

Software Installed and Tested on all rental computers:Tech Travel Agents will have your training program software and the OS of your choice installed on all desktop or laptop computers! We test each application by following your software installation and testing directions. This ensures that your training software will work as planned because your computer software was installed by a professional computer technician.

Delivery, Setup and Service before, during and after your computer training sessions:
Tech Travel Agents do it all! They schedule delivery, setup and cover you with up to a 24/7 hour on-site service contract! Spare Equipment IncludedExtra, spare equipment can even be included for your larger computer training classes.

Unexpected increase in Class Size?No problem.
With a Tech Travel Agent all it takes is a phone call or e-mail to schedule deliver of any additional computer rental equipment you need, immediately.

Train Larger Classes to Lower Costs
With one instructor a high lumen projector and 10-50 computers, your total cost of training will be much lower than smaller sessions. Providing multiple training sessions with the pre-configured training computers will improve training efficiencies and improve the cost dynamics of the total training program.

Multiple cities, One Point of Contact, One Invoice
Tech Travel Agents will coordinate multiple installations. All equipment will be preconfigured with any company training programs and data BEFORE it is delivered and installed. Multiple computer training sessions can be coordinated in multiple cities, even on the same day. Your personal Tech Travel Agent will coordinate all cities!

Only one contact person is necessary to take care of all your computer training equipment needs.

Largest Service Area of Classroom Computer Training In North America
Tech Travel Agents schedule complete classroom training equipment installs anywhere in the United States, most of Canada and many parts of Europe!

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