Rent a computer, why?

Temp -Temporary Employee Why would anyone ever want to rent a computer?
by John Beagle


Answer: You have a temporary need.

There are many good reasons to rent
There are many more reasons to rent computers, projectors, and plasma displays than you might think.

PC Training Room Setup
Classroom Computer Training
Tech Travel Agents can setup an entire classroom of
computers and let you focus on your training program and not the hardware. Rental companies like have everything you need and a backup plan if something unexpected happens.

Temporary Offices
Temporary offices can be setup with rental computers, printers, copiers and fax machines. They will be configured to your
company specifications and installed at any remote destination. Tech Travel Agents has setup temporary offices in hotel rooms, trailers, warehouses and convention centers. Temporary offices have been setup for State and Federal Supreme Courts, television networks covering presidential conventions, movie studios setting up at remote locations, and corporate mergers and takeovers.

Conferences go more smoothly when you deploy the services of a rental company to handle the installation of
sound systems, computers, large plasma flat screens, lcd projectors and other technology. Renting allows you to focus on your event and not hardware issues. Let the numerous hardware issues get handled by your Tech Travel Agent.

Conventions and Trade Shows

Convention displays are really
impressive with 42″ Flat Plasma Display Screens. Try lugging one
of those from your home office. Renting plasma displays is a
much better idea.

Traveling Employees
Traveling employees won’t have to lug portable computers through airports or other public transportation facilities. Executives can have technology preconfigured and tested, waiting at their final destination! Traveling with technology is one hassle that can be easily
avoided with the Technology Travel Agent® services from

Special Projects

Special projects can be expedited with specialized technology such as color or high volume printers, copiers and extra computing horsepower.

Temporary Employees
Temporary employees need temporary technology.
Tech Travel Agents will coordinate the installation and removal of computers, printers and other technology for any period of time specified. If you hire temporary employees, hire temporary technology too.

Relax, Let a Tech Travel Agent Take Care of it!Relax,
let your Tech Travel Agent handle it! Enjoy your trade show, conference or training program.

About Tech Travel Agents: Tech Travel Agents from coordinate both computer rentals and audio visual installations for corporate events worldwide. For the best pricing, reserve your computer equipment for your next
corporate event or project early by contacting a Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772 or via email:

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