Computer Rental with Microsoft Vista

There is a growing interest in Vista on the next generation of computers for rent nationwide.

“Clients are asking when computers will be available with Vista and the new version of Office 2007,” said Tech Travel Agent, Jessica Keeton from

Tech Travel Agents are taking reservations for December 2006 and January 2007 for units with Vista and Office 2007.

For More information on Microsoft Vista:
The Get Ready Web site for Windows Vista offers information for consumers, businesses and IT professionals to know more about Vista and how to get ready for its release.

Renting computers with the new software allows companies to test software compatibility and identify user adoption problems prior to a full scale rollout of the platform.

Vista will create a ‘trickle down effect’ for industry OEMs, partners and resellers. Just how much ‘trickle’ depends on customers perceptions of Vista,’s goal is to assist companies in getting test equipment for specific target periods.

The biggest benefit for organizations that adopt Vista and Office 2007 is security. The advanced security features are complex and require extensive testing by your company IT department. Renting is a great way to ‘plan, test and challenge’ migration goals.

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Computer Rental Quote with Microsoft Vista

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