Prepare your Rentals for 2007 Conventions with a Plasma Display from

487549751 is now taking orders for 2007. We are reserving plasma displays to many tradeshow booths nationwide. We are renting plasma flat panel displays from 37″-61″. If any one who is unaware of what a plasma flat panel display is, let me inform you how it works and how great it would be for any presentation.

Plasma display is a flat lightweight surface covered with millions of tiny glass bubbles. Each bubble contains a gas-like substance, the plasma, and this has a phosphors coating. These bubbles are thought of as the pixels. Each bubble has three sub-bubbles one that contains red, one containing green, and the last one blue. Once a image signal is connected a digitally controlled electric current flows through the flat screen, causing the plasma inside the designated bubbles to give off ultraviolet rays. This in turn causes the phosphor coating to glow the appropriate color making your plasma display. There are millions bubbles glowing and dimming to make a rich, vivid image.

This technology from will make your tradeshow booth shine with technology and look great for the showing of your presentation. representatives are standing by waiting to help you make your 2007 tradeshow booth look amazing with a plasma display please call 800.736.877×221 to make reservations.

Thank you,
Jessica N. Keeton
Technology Travel Agent
Tel: 800 736-8772 ext 221
Fax: 800 440-1662

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