Rents WiFi Laptops. What is WiFi?

WiFi is Essential to Your Meeting

WiFi, aka Wireless Fidelity. WiFi is turning out to be part of our everyday life. WiFi is a way of connecting to the internet with absolutley no wires. These type of wireless networks can be setup in homes, businesses, convention halls, etc.

To have WiFi access you must have a few componets to do so. These components are:

1)High-Speed internet access: Such as ISDN, cable modem, DSL and also some satellite services.

2) Network Gateway is between your high-speed connection and the wireless network. This acts as a gate. This will allow managing tools such as authentication, monitoring and other services.

3)Access to a WiFi network: Specifically access to wirelss access points or other methods of connecting PC’s or other devices within a proximity using no wires, just radio waves. WiFi networks only work if you are within range of a wireless network.

4) Lastly, you must have a wireless adapter on your PC. The wireless adapter can be built in or it can be an external device that you plug into your computer.

All around the world people are creating WiFi access points also known as Hot Spots. Hot Spots are becoming available is many locations such as hotels, airports, schools, restaurants, etc. is now offering WiFi ready laptops. can also help setup a WiFi network for you almost anywhere. Call us today to make reservations!

WiFi is also great for classroom training. can help with the WiFi network for your training, we can also supply the computers!

To see if the location you will be visiting has a “Hot Spot” check out the below link.
*not all locations are listed.

Find a Hot Spot

To reserve your WiFi ready laptop call Jessica Keeton at 800.736.8772 x221.

* cannot provide high-speed connection.

Thank You,
Jessica Keeton
Tech Travel Agent
800.736.8772 x221

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