The Differences Between Renting and Leasing Computer Equipment!

toshiba chromebook

Computer Rental is usually a short-term proposition. Computer Rentals is usually used to set up temporary workstations, classroom training, tradeshow booths, etc. Short-term computer rentals is usually a day,a few days,a week, or possibly even a month or two.

Computer Leasing on the other hand, is long-term in nature. Leasing can be good if you or your company is trying to stay “up” with technology. You could rent for a couple years and eventually turn the old equipment back in for an upgrade.

Computer Renting and Computer Leasing is similar to renting and leasing cars, so keep that in mind when you are deciding to rent or lease computer equipment. can help you with any short-term rental need you may have. We also have a few leasing options open to high volume request.

Have a 2 day trade show coming up and you need a laptop or desktop to connect to a 42″ plasma display? has you covered. Give us a call at 800.736.8772.

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