Power Point Projector Rental

Light gray projector shining lightTech Travel Agents from Rentacomputer.com say that renting a notebook and a projector for PowerPoint© presentations are common place these days. With rental rates so low, the convienience factor far outweighs traveling with projectors and laptops. Especially since you can put your presentation on an easy to use USB flash drive.

Here’s a tip to get the best image on your PowerPoint© Presentation (Make it fit)

Match your Microsoft PowerPoint® slides to the resolution of the rental lcd projector. Presentations look best when the slide size is the same as the projector’s native resolution. Microsoft PowerPoint defaults to a resolution of 720 by 540.

To change it to 1,024 by 768, go to File: Page Setup and enter 14.22 and 10.66 inches for the width and height of on-screen slides.

For 800 by 600, enter 11.11 and 8.33 inches for the width and height.) Ignore the warning about exceeding your printer’s margins. If you can’t determine for certain what kind of projector you’ll be using, you’ll probably be OK using 1,024 by 768, which most projectors support.

©Microsoft PowerPoint is a registered trade name of Microsoft Corporation.

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