Tech Travel Agents save you 87% off Hotel AV Rates

If you have ever rented technology for a conference, you know that hotels and Man wearing tv costumeconvention centers charge alot. Need a powerpoint projector? Be prepared to pay an average of 87% more than what it would cost you from And that INCLUDES DELIVERY and hookup! We don’t leave until everything is working 100%.

On average hotels charged 87% more for equipment, but don’t ask for help hooking it up. Hotels don’t staff computer and av experts. But we do.

Call a Tech Travel Agent at and start saving now on Projector Rentals, Plasma Flat Screen rentals, even wireless laptop rentals. All delivered and installed at your location.

Have your technology meet you at your hotel, a business location or convention center. Real computer and av technicians are available to assist all your connectivity issues. Additonal spur of the moment parts and services available to over 1000 cities in the United States, Canada and the UK.

There’s nothing easier! Relax, call a Tech Travel Agent at
800-736-8772 or email

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