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As the Computer Rental Industry prepares for the close of 2007 we can not help but look back and reflect on a few of the innovations that have helped keep the computer rental industry a vibrant and growing force in the national business economy.

In 2007 many computer rental firms followed suit and expanded their technology rental inventory as well as their service offerings. John Beagle of the nationwide computer rental firm explains “By adding Kiosk Rentals, Video Wall Rentals, and a complete line of Staging and Event Rentals to our product mix we were able to take advantage of the logistics chain we already have in place and simply provide a more complete turnkey solution for our clients.”

Speaking on the importance of logistics to the computer rental industry Niraj Jain of ICCRents said simply, “Now, logistics is everything to ICC”. As such ICCRents has continued to improve their custom written enterprise resource planning software in 2007 and it is estimated that the total development cost has now exceeded one million dollars.

Other industry wide computer rental changes in 2007 included better organization and communications within the rental industry itself. Key to this organization is the Tech-Army which is a central national repository of technicians, engineers, and installers, from dozens of technology related fields of which computer rentals are but a single skill set.

Another critical organization in the computer rental industry for 2007 has been the International Technology Rental Association (IT-RA). While the Tech-Army is an extensive collection of technology service providers the IT-RA is more exclusive and homogeneous in its approach and is composed entirely of firms in the technology or computer rental industry. The IT-RA is set to hold their 7th annual meeting in early 2008 at the Hotel Contessa in San Antonia Tx.

Looking forward John Beagle of, hopes to extend his firms logistical capabilities using the old fashioned method of personal visits and interviews of both existing and potential partners.

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