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Convention Center DirectoryEver notice how difficult it is to find any useful collection of information on the countries trade show or convention facilities? Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great sites for individual venues, or cities, etc, but what if you need to do research or planning that goes beyond just that one venue? In the past you might have to spend hours with a search engine, save literally dozens of bookmarks, and most likely take a lot of notes by hand. Being in that boat ourselves we decided to start a directory of the countries most popular convention centers and trade show facilities.

Since we are in the business of providing short term technology solutions we have called this directory a “Trade Show Rental Directory”. Though there are links designed to help the convention going business community easily source any of their event rental needs, the vast majority of information in our directory is purely informational and designed to make that wide ranging convention center research more convenient.

At present there are 16 of what we would consider the most popular trade show and convention facilities on our list and we look to expand that to 25 within the next few weeks. If you are wondering exactly what you might find on our convention center directory we are presently using a structure that lists and links to our own hand written summary page of the largest convention centers. That’s followed by a list of links to the nation’s largest convention and visitors bureaus. Next we have the schedule of events listed up with a closing list of convention news by state.

If you find yourself on this new page in search of rental equipment for your next big trade show, or if you just want to take advantage of the consolidated convention information it offers, we hope you find our directory helpful. If you have any suggestions on features or convention facilities that you would like to see added to our convention directory please leave us a comment and we will try to make that happen.

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