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A cool new product out there on is the easy to use Screen Lifter for the 103″ Panosonic Plasma. This product is simply put amazing, the mobility of the Screen Lifter makes it much easier and safer to transport the Panosonic Plasma. The Screen Lifter comes to you in a flight case with wheels so that you can just roll the huge 103″ screen to the desired position. Once placed you can raise your screen with the help of an electric lift built into the Screen Lifter. The lift is controlled by the push of a single button. Once pushed the lift can raise the TV to over 3 meters off the ground.

Another great feature is on the back there is a simple lock that when unlocked allows you to rotate the screens 90 degrees to a portrait view where you then just simply lock it back. The Screen Lifter is a must have for anyone who needs to transport the 103″ Panasonic Plasma, to order now or to learn more, visit Screen Lifter Rentals on

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