Technology Rentals Available Via Skype


Your Tech Travel Agent at is proud to announce yet another convenient way to arrange your technology travel needs.

Effective immediately you can Book Your Next Technology Rental Toll Free From Anywhere In The World using our Skype Voice Over IP account. Our new Skype username is “” verbalized: Tech (dot) Travel (dot) Agent. Or just click the link below to call us now.


For those of you not familiar with Skype it is a simple PC-based tool that allows you to make calls toll free to other people anywhere in the world on the Skype network. It supports standard two-way communication for those of you who may have a headset hooked up to your computer which has a full featured chat interface as well.

So the next time you need a computer rental, laptop rental, projector rental, or any technology rental anywhere, remember your Tech Travel Agent with is always easy to get a hold of and is always here to take the stress out of our short term hardware needs..

To stay up on the latest news on short term technology solutions visit our Computer Rentals Blog or click the following link to request that our Tech Travel Agents contact you for More Information on a Technology Rental.

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