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Classroom Training RentalRentacomputer has been providing training rentals for over 20 years now. Now what exactly is a “training rental” you may ask? Well a training rental is no more than a normal technology rental, but the rental is used for the training of new employees or new procedures. For example lets say your company opens up a new branch and they need to hire 20 or more people to fill up the new branch, but these 20 new employees also need to be properly trained for the new job which will require a class that you will have to set-up to explain and teach the job requirements to the new employees.

This can be made easy with technology rentals since you would not longer need the equipment after the job is complete and the new employees are trained. For a situation like this we would recommend that you should rent a projector so that the presentation can be shown up in front of the entire class easily. Also a computer rental for each of the employees would be a good suggestion since most of the time a company does not have many extra computers sitting around for people to receive the proper training on. A laptop is perfect for a training rental due to the portability of a laptop.

Also can preinstall your computer training software before hand on your computer rentals if needed. A training rental is also perfect for a short term employee that will only be with you for a a couple weeks to a month. You can find a full list of Training Rentals on our Classroom Training Page.

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