Computer Panic – Solved by Laptop Rental

Computer Panic SolvedHere in the office we have an old inside joke about what we call “computer panic”. You see we rent laptops, computers and audio video equipment to business and qualified individuals who have a short term need for some type of technology rental. Some of these short term rental needs come up at the last minute and arise from the strangest of situations.

The calls and e-mail requests we receive for our computer rentals are about 90% well thought out, planned in advance for some training class, sales presentation, trade show, or even a server migration project. But that still leaves a 10% margin for panic. From experience traveling with your technology is a risky proposition and an activity that could well find you in the grasp of your own computer panic some day.

Below is the complete text of an e-mail that just arrived. Just an example of that 10% we mentioned above. Don’t feel too bad for the customer because they did the right thing by contacting a Tech-Travel Agent and I am sure they will have a rental laptop in their hands soon.

My husband just called from the airplane in a panic because he went off without his laptop. I called the hotel and they gave me your contact info. If you rent laptops in Atlanta, please contact my husband. His flight lands at around 6:30 pm Monday.

Thank you!

So as you can see “computer panic” is real thing, but with a Tech Travel Agent it has a real and easy solution.

For more information on the pitfalls of traveling with your technology see the links below:

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To talk to a Tech Travel Agent about your plans to travel call 800-736-8772 today.

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