Computer Rentals for a Slowing Economy

Computer Rentals For A Slowing EconomyIn today’s economic environment companies are looking for every angle possible to control their spending and preserve their lines of credit with their bank. One way to help accomplish that goal is by renting your computer equipment when the project or need is short term.

When the economy is good companies might be more inclined to buy an expensive projector that would only be used a few times a year. Or they might be inclined to purchase a trade show display or a kiosk so they could display at an annual trade show. But with technology changing so rapidly and with such uncertainty in the business and financial world a short-term computer rental makes even more sense as both a hedge for the preservation of needed capital and the guarantee of always having the latest technology.

By using a Tech Travel Agent to rent only the technology you need when you need it you can still have that high-end projector or professional looking trade show display or kiosk, and the equipment is delivered right to you with set up by our trained professionals. For example, a high-end LCD Projector could sell for over five thousand dollars but a two-day rental could be had for a tiny fraction of that cost. Why spend all that money and take the risk of transporting such expensive equipment if you don’t have to?

Also, a technology rental avoids several negative tax implications as your company will have the use of the equipment but not the tax burden of ownership. It’s also common for equipment rental fees to be completely charged back to the contract or job for which they were required. And in either case the rental is an expense to the business and as such contributes to lowering any potential tax on profits.

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