Used Dell Poweredge 840 Servers

Used Dell Poweredge 840 Servers From Rentacomputer.comIf you are in the market for a great deal on a Dell server then you are in the right place because currently has almost two dozen Dell Poweredge 840 servers on rental. How will that help you save money on your next server Purchase you ask? Simple. These servers will be coming back in a few months and they will be sold at an incredible discount.

Purchased brand new directly from Dell just a few months ago these servers were each over $2,400. When they return from rental they will be sold on a first come first serve basis for only $995.00.

These Dell servers are perfect for the small to medium business environment and if you have been looking to upgrade your old server this offer could save you over one thousand dollars.

To learn more about the hardware specifications visit our used server sales page.

Email or call 800-736-8772 today to reserve your used Dell Poweredge 840.

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