Refurbished Dell D600 Laptops

Dell Laptops Shipping with Virus

Looking for a great bargain on a quality business grade laptop? If so then consider our most popular refurbished laptop ever offered, the Dell D600, which is once again returning and being sold from our business to business rental inventory.

The Dell D600 Mobile 2.13GHz is a great all-around laptop with Windows XP Pro, 2GB of RAM, a DVD Burner, the Intel Pentium-M Processor, a 14.1 inch TFT display, a 80GB Drive and built in WiFi! These great Dell laptops are delivered to business all across the country that use laptop rentals for training classes, conventions, or other business events. When they are returned from rental they are sold at discounted rates to the general public. Rest assured that every Dell D660 laptop we offer has been kept in good shape by the rental companies who clean, test, and reload the operating system after each time they are rented. And they come with 90 day money back guarantees.

Unlike entry level consumer model notebooks that could still cost several hundreds of dollars more if purchased new, these professional grade Dell D600 notebooks were built for the traveling business professional in mind. As such The Dell D600 provides a much higher quality product that was built to last and built without cutting corners just to come in at a price point that looked good in the Sunday Flyers.

To learn more, or to get you Dell laptop on order, visit our Tech Army PX by clicking this link for the Refurbished Dell 600 Laptop.

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