BenQ MP620c – 2000 Lumen DLP Projector

Projectors Can Turn Anything into a Screen

The BenQ MP620c projector has been called one of the best quality projectors for any budget and is constantly exceeding expectations. But with all of the features the projector has to offer, it is no surprise that those who use it are falling in love!

The projector, compatible with both PC and MAC, has plenty of room for connections including D-sub in and D-sub out, analog, S-video, a 3.5 MM audio jack, centrally located DVI-I dual link in, and a USB mini(B) jack. It also has lots of extra features including various picture modes, freeze frame, key lock to prevent accidental shut-down, on-screen alerts and timers, eco-mode technology, SRGB color profile, and auto input search. The projector’s resolution is 1024 x 768 and video goes up to 1080i. The projector has great sound, fast rebooting time, and twin fans for quiet, but effective cooling. The light source power is 285 watts, contrast is 700:1, and brightness is 2000:1.

You can purchase a BenQ MP620c 2000 Lumen DLP Projector for $445.00 with free ground shipping. Our projectors were originally short-term business rentals from and have been taken from that inventory and refurbished, allowing you to get a top-quality product for a lot less money!

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