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Businesses are always leasing or buying computer equipment but when and why should you rent a laptop or notebook? Maybe you need technology on short notice or within a short amount of time. Maybe you’re a holding a training class and you need a large quantity of computers for a short amount of time. Maybe your current order of laptops is on back order but your staff needs to get started right now. Maybe you need a wireless computer for travel. These are all great reasons to considering renting a laptop!

Most people confuse renting with leasing. Renting is flexible and generally for the short-term. Leasing is a fixed arrangement. While canceling a lease will usually lead to a severe penalty, renting can be canceled or extended at any time without any penalty at all. Renting requires no capital budget and can be done simply with a company credit card. It’s just as easy as purchasing office supplies. Rental companies have expert computer techs ready to deliver, install and test your laptop right there at your office, training room, trade show booth, convention, conference, or seminar. They also always have a backup plan just in case the unexpected happens.


What are some other reasons for renting laptops?


– Temporary Offices can be set up with laptop, printers, copiers, and fax machine rentals. Hardware will be configured to your company specifications and installed anywhere in the United States or Canada. Such offices can be set up in hotel rooms, trailers, warehouses, and convention centers and for state and federal government agencies such as FEMA, the FBI, and the IRS. Legal firms, television networks covering hurricane disasters, movie studios on location, construction sites, and corporate mergers and takeovers have all take advantage of temporary offices.


– Temporary Employees will need temporary technology. Renting laptop computers helps to coordinate the installation and removal of computers, printers, and other technology for any length of time.


– Traveling Executives won’t have to carry computers through airports and public transportation. Have you’re preconfigured, tested technology waiting at your final destination. Avoid the hassle of traveling with technology by calling a Tech Travel Agent!


Have more questions about laptop rentals? Need a fast quote on laptop rentals anywhere in the United States and Canada? Call 1-800-736-8772 or visit www.Rentacomputer.com today!

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