Trade Show Internet

Convention centers and hotels have you right where they want you. You have to use their stuff because they hafolding table rentalve figured out just the maximum you would pay for something, even if buying it is cheaper. It’s the luxury of having what you need at your trade show booth, without having to lug it their yourself.

If you have ever paid $75 dollars for folding table rental, $150 for a 10’x10′ carpet rental or worse, $1000 for an internet connection, you know what I mean.

Cheap Convention Internet? How is that possible.
Thanks to Trade Show Internet and, you can get the internet to share with all your booth workers for hundreds less than what the convention center charges.

Trade Show Internet works with both PCs and Macs! It’s easy to connect and you don’t have to pay high fees from the convention center or hotel.

Find out more or reserve the internet today: Trade Show Internet

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