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“I put this 100 computer lab together in 1 day with one phone call to Randy Moore, my Tech Travel Agent from” -Employee Training Department Manager, Cindy A. Marketing Company

Monday Meetings
Monday morning meeting can sometimes be a call to action for the rest of the week or longer.So I wasn’t surprised when the boss asked me if I could put a computer lab together. We only have 1 or 2 computer training sessions per year, so we always rent the computers because we save big bucks and we always get the latest computer equipment.

‘Everyone on the same page‘ is the bosses battle cry. So we roll out these quick, 2 hr training classes with the entire staff, and it works every time! Productivity increases and the company makes money.

Monday Afternoon
So, Monday afternoon, I got the specs we need for the computer training class from the IT guys down at corporate computer support. They were happy not to have to be involved in setting up a lab. Just getting the specs from them can be ‘challenging’ at times.

Cryptic Messages Decoded by a Tech Travel Agent
Let’s see, we need 100 computers with the Intel Chip, 2 gb RAM, 40 GB HD,GB NIC and image #34921.
What language is this? 2 gb RAM, 40 GB HD,GB NIC and image #34921  – I called Randy Moore, Tech Travel Agent at her number is 800-736-8772. She decoded this message, got the company image and immediately got to work getting her people to start installing the company image on the computers.

By 5 pm Tuesday, we had our 100 machine computer lab setup! Everything was installed and tested by the experts Darcy sent over with the computers. Everything was done, even the networking!

On Wednesday, we had 3 training sessions on the new software, training nearly 300 employees on the new application.

By Friday we had completed all employee training! So on the next Monday morning, the boss congratulated me for doing a spectacular job with the new software rollout.

Thanks Darcy and, the company is making money and I am due for a raise! Great timing!

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