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When the gubernatorial candidate I was working for decided he needed to open another office in another part of the state, he put me in charge. I was responsible for seeing to it that the office space was rented for the duration of the campaign, the office was fully staffed, and that the office was set up with the appropriate equipment. This was seven months before the election and it seemed like a waste of campaign funds to purchase new copiers, printers, computers, etc.. After all, my candidate was campaigning on responsible spending; what would his constituents say if he was wasting thousands of dollars on equipment that he would only use for seven months?

That’s when I decided to look into rental equipment. I typed “temporary office equipment rentals” into Google, saw Rentacomputer.com at the top and decided to give them a try. I was immediately in touch with a Tech Travel Agent and she let me know how much it would cost for me to rent enough equipment for our small office of fifteen staffers. The quote seemed too good to be true. I hesitantly gave her our location. We were in a somewhat remote location in the Midwest and I just knew she was going to tell me they only deliver to big cities. Wrong! Not only were they able to get the equipment to our location (they deliver all over the United States), but they were able to do it in a timely manner.

Technicians set up everything from our copy machine to our computer network and I made it happen through one point of contact. It was an amazing experience and I will keep this in mind for any future temporary offices I have to set up. For what it’s worth, my candidate won and is proudly serving the people of our state. Once the campaign was over, Rentacomputer.com’s people picked up the equipment, making our jobs much easier and giving us more time to celebrate.


– Customer Testimonial from Gus Austin, office manager for 2008 state gubernatorial candidate

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