Hire a Computer the UK Way

Hire a Computer the UK Way

If you’ve ever heard anyone from the UK say they plan to “hire a computer,” what they really mean is they plan to “rent a computer.” Unfortunately, renting a computer in the UK can be tricky due to the different rules and policies for logistics, labour, and taxes.

Additional Planning is Needed
Because of overtime and weekend labour restrictions in Europe, installation projects for conventions, conferences, and trade shows must be planned more in advance compared to those in the United States or Canada. Labour is scarce on the weekends and in some areas, trucks cannot operate on Sundays. Depending on the size of the job, installation for a Monday project may have to start on the Wednesday before.

Expert Help from a Tech Travel Agent
Because of the extra planning, you’ll need n expert to help when it comes to hiring computers and other technology overseas. Tech Travel agents can help you reserve and plan the installation of your equipment in the UK or anywhere else in Europe. From laptops to plasma flat screens, wireless notebooks to audio systems, simply call 800-736-9772 or email TechTraveAgent@rentacomputer.com for more information.

Multi-Vendor for Better Pricing
Depending on the product, price, and availability a Tech Travel Agent will reserve computers and audio visual equipment at discounted prices from multiple vendors. Because of this, Tech Travel gents are able to get the best deals on equipment hires in the entire world.

Product Listing and Reservation System
Visit Rentacomputer.com to learn more about computer hires, laptop hires, plasma hires, and audio equipment hires. You can request a quote or reserve equipment directly from the website. Your Tech Travel Agent will find the best deal for your location and time frame, then call, email, or fax a quote to you. Once you approve it, your equipment is immediately reserved for the order and the appropriate installer, technician, or engineer is scheduled.

For more information, call your Tech Travel Agent toll free at 800-736-8772, email rentals@Rentacomputer.com or visit Rentacomputer.com.

Did you know that www.Rentacomputer.com also offers a full line of Copier Rentals and Kiosk Rentals? Call Today: 1-800-736-8772.

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