Everyone is Talking About iPad Rentals

Everyone is Talking About iPad Rentals iPads are all the rage these days but did you know you can actually rent an iPad?

Renting an iPad is an ingenious idea and it can serve a number of purposes.  Whether you need something to use for a training class or trade show, you travel a lot, or just want to check out the new technology, here is a look at a few reasons why you should consider renting an iPad today.

Training and Workshops

Andy Wendt of  Rentacomputer.com says he often gets calls from people looking to rent iPads for training classes.  “A really good use for an iPad rental is that training class or other event that just requires basic internet access. Before Apple released the iPad, the best you could do was to use a net-book or tablet device for internet access. An iPad is much smaller and easier to use. You can have an entire group of people online in minutes with their built in Wi-Fi or 3G connections that are available as needed,” Wendt said about the product.

Trade Shows

When you exhibit at a trade show, you often find many customers and consumers gathered around your booth, and maybe even more than you and your staff can handle at one time.   Imagine if you’d rented a few iPads for the weekend and had them sitting around your booth with your company website on the screen,  ready and waiting for those customers and consumers to explore your website, register, and more.  The sleek, new technology is attractive and will surely catch more than just a few people’s eye, as well as keep them at your booth while they’re waiting on you to help them.

Business Travel

If you travel for business, you probably find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands.  Whether you’re stuck in an airport or a boardroom, pulling out your laptop every time you want to check the latest news, sports or weather, or to check your office email  isn’t always easy or convenient.  The iPad is so much smaller and easier to handle that you can use it virtually anywhere.  And it comes with both 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Testing New Technology

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting an iPad but you’re not really sure you’re ready to invest that much money into the new gadget.  Or maybe you’ve been thinking about purchasing several iPads for your office or staff and want to see if they’ll fit your company’s needs.  Renting an iPad for a day or even a week will help you determine whether or not the iPad is right for you and your company.

Renting any type of technology is great because you don’t have to spend a ton of money on equipment you may only need for a certain period of time.  If you’re exhibiting at a trade show one or two weekends a year, or holding training classes for one week every six months, purchasing equipment for that can be expensive.  And it’s such a waste to spend money on equipment that’s going to spend the majority of time in storage.   Not only that, but technology is ever-evolving and becomes obsolete quickly.  By renting, you get to take advantage of the latest technology without having to pay for constant upgrades.

So, if you’re thinking about using some type of portable technology for your next event, business trip, or training class, consider iPad rentals from Rentacomputer.com.   For more information, call 1-800-736-8772 today!


  1. IPads are in high demand with companies at Tradeshows & Conventions for survey taking and data collection. Sleek design shows a company’s attention to new technology and it’s lightweight – and very user friendly. The 3G Services are also available!

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