Computer Rentals for Market Research

Computer Rentals for Market Research

Market research is something many companies often do to gather information about their customers or today’s consumer markets. This can involve gathering opinions, attempting to understand consumers interpretations of products, and gaining insight into decision-making.

Often times, a company will create a temporary focus group, inviting members to gather at a specific location and give their opinions, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs about a product, its advertising, packaging or other qualities.

Focus groups can provide a company with a number of benefits. The group setting allows the company to get an insight into consumers they would not be able to get otherwise.  The person conducting the research can watch as the consumers feed off each other and add more to a discussion.

Unfortunately, if you’re a small business and you tend to do your own market research when you have a new product or service, you probably can’t just run out and purchase new technology just for this purpose. There are bigger financial needs at your business. This is a time when many companies choose to rent a computer or other technology.

So what kind of technology can help you with your market research?

– Desktop or Laptop rentals are great if you want every member of your group to have internet access or a place to take an online or computerized survey.

– You may even consider an iPad rental because they are smaller and easier to use when you just need a quick gadget.

Projector Rentals are a must have if you need to show a series of slides or Powerpoint presentation to your focus group.

Regardless of what type of technology or computer rental you need, understands that market research is important to your company and we want to do what we can to help make your focus group comfortable and help them feel at east. This means providing you with state-of-the-art technology that is current and that will work without a hitch as soon as you turn it on. Best of all, you can rent a computer, iPad, projector or any other technology for as long or as little as you want!

Just call 1-800-736-8772 today to speak to one of our Tech Travel Agents about what types of rentals you need for your next focus group or market research meeting.

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