Nerd Camps

Is your child in the top five of his class and in every talented and gifted program the school has managed to salvage from the tax cut crowd? Does the prospect of summer sports teams and traditional summer camp put a terrified look in his or her eye? Take heart, your child can have a great summer, learn some great educational tools along the way, and be in his or her element ,  send your talented and gifted child to “Nerd Camp.”

What is Nerd Camp? Well what its not is a place ride horses, swim in a lake, or play organized sports. Instead kids spend five hours a day in class studying subjects they have an interest in, and incorporate cutting edge technology in their work. After class, the kids chill at a mandatory fun time, then have dinner, followed not by the old camp fire sing along, but a two hour study hall. If this sounds like a fun time for your talented and gifted child, then Nerd Camp may be an ideal three week camp. Of course, at a camp like this you will want to send you child with cutting edge technology (unlike some camps that will immediately relieve your child of their cell phone and tell you not to pack laptops). Nerd Camp encourages kids to bring their laptops and blackberrys and you can encourage you child with the newest in laptop technology like an I-Pad. Talk to the great people at at 800-736-8772.  You can also visit their site at

So for a different type of summer camp, send your talented and gifted child to Nerd Camp. Its might be something they look forward to every summer.

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