California’s Dreamin’ About Computer Rentals

California's Dreamin' About Computer RentalsFrom the sunny Pacific Coast to the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains, California is one of the most popular states for temporary technology.  People are always traveling in and out of the “Golden State” for a number of different reasons.  Here’s a look at why and how California’s residents and visitors are taking advantage of California Computer Rentals.

1.  So Many People!

California is the most populated state in the United States and is considered the most populated sub-national entity in North America.  It’s also home to eight of the nation’s top 50 most populous cities.  In 2009, the United States Census Bureau estimated the state’s population at 36,961,664.  That’s almost as many people as the entire country of Poland.   Big populations mean more new businesses and new businesses often use office equipment rentals when they start-up due to their affordability.

2.  So Many Convention Centers!

California isn’t just heavily populated, geographically, it’s the third-largest state in the country.  With such a large population spread over such a large piece of land, you can bet California has its share of convention centers. As a matter of fact, it’s home to some of the largest convention centers in the country!  The Los Angeles Convention Center is perhaps the most well-known and is one of the largest in all of North America.  The San Diego Convention Center, Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Anaheim Convention Center, and the Long Beach Convention Center are a few others that rank among the biggest in the United States.  Millions of people travel to and from California for conventions, trade shows, and other corporate events and they often rely on technology such as projector rentals and plasma TV rentals to spruce up their booths and presentations.  Because they are traveling from all over the country, these technology rentals make the trip a little easier; the projectors and plasmas can be delivered to any convention center in the entire state!

3.  Tourism

California sees a large number of tourists each year.   From its sandy beaches and gorgeous state parks, to attractions like Hollywood and Disneyland, millions of vacationers choose California.  Most people like to stay in touch with the office while they’re on vacation, however with today’s tedious airport rules, they don’t like to take their own personal laptops on long trips.  Renting a laptop is a great solution for anyone who is traveling for business or pleasure and doesn’t want the hassle of carrying a laptop with them.  A computer rental firm such as can have a laptop delivered to meet you at your destination and you can keep it for as long as you need.

4.  Marina del Rey

When CNN announced its “100 Best Places to Live and Launch” list this year, Marina del Rey, California came in at number four due to its “business-friendly tax structure.”    From “There’s a tremendously vibrant retail and tourism sector – the area is home to the highest density of restaurant seating in one square mile outside of Manhattan. The major employers in the area are hotels, airlines, and the L.A. Department of Beaches. The county offers a handful of business incentives, from tax credits for firms that hire long-term welfare recipients to rebate programs to promote energy conservation. Located four miles north of LAX, Marina Del Rey tends to be more affordable than many of its nearby towns, such as Santa Monica.”  Other California cities topped the list as well; American Canyon came in at number eleven, Novato at number sixteen, and Carlsbad at number thirty-two.  Prominent lists such as these are always attracting new small and medium-sized businesses to these cities and new SMBs mean a new need for temporary technology.  Desktop rentals, laptop rentals, and copier rentals are just a few things new businesses are renting.

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