Our Sitemap: The Quick-Find Technology Page

Our Site Map is a great resource for those looking to find out more about technology rentals. Below you will find links to articles about computer rentals, audio visual rentals, file server rentals, etc.

Also included in our site map are several informational articles designed to help the typical business customer understand how a technology rental can help his or her company complete a project or achieve a goal while at the same time preserving capital.

This site map is a comprehensive directory-style listing of our products, services, and editorials on how to best use short term technology rentals to solve everyday business problems.

From Air Cards to Wireless Laptop computers, this site map has many products and services to meet your technology needs.  We have you covered with over 3000 Tech Army Convention Troops from hundreds of locally-based Tech Army approved vendors.

Site Map of Rentacomputer.com

At the time of this posting Rentacomputer.com had 3114 techs and engineers to assist you with your technology installation and management. With one point of contact your personally assigned Tech Travel Agent will assist you with the coordination of equipment and manpower. Below is a list of the number of installers we have available by category of equipment.

Rentals – Audio Visual: 451
Rentals – Copiers: 152
Rentals – Desktop Computers: 457
Rentals – Laptops: 255
Rentals – Microphones / PA: 137
Rentals – Plasma Flat Screens: 201
Rentals – Printers: 215
Rentals – Projectors: 209
Rentals – Servers: 147
Rentals – Sound Systems: 157
Staging – Stage Construction: 51
Staging – Audio / PA: 135
Staging & Events – Catering: 17
Staging & Events – Event Planning: 41
Staging – Image Magnification: 61
Staging – Lighting: 84
Staging – Pipe & Drape: 63
Staging & Events – Production Services: 50
Staging & Events – Rigging: 33
Staging & Events – Tables, Chairs, Linen: 9
Staging – Video: 120
Staging – Web Casting: 69

More manpower from more sources. Rentacomputer.com can guarantee you the equipment and manpower you need, when you need it.  Tech Travel Agents work with multiple vendors in multiple cities to provide the largest source of computer rental equipment in North America.

With so much to do, why not let us help you with your convention av technology and manpower to run it all. Consider Digital Signage, Meeting Room/Break Out Room Projectors, Staging, Lighting, Microphones, Sound Boards, Speakers, Laptop Computers, Internet, 2 Way Radios, Copiers and more.

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