10 Projector Rental Shipping Dangers

If you have a mission critical presentation, do you really want your projector shipped to your presentation location? Shipping projectors half way across the country isn’t the best idea because allot can go wrong.

It could be something a simple as a missing power cable and there you are, looking incompetent. Here is a checklist of what could go wrong.

Top 10 Things that Could Go wrong with a projector shipped and untested at your presentation location:
1. Wrong connection for type of laptop
2. Cable bent, signal blinks
3. Bulb broken in shipping, will not light
4.  Resolution too low for PowerPoint presentation
5. Brightness or wrong lumen for the room
6. Missing Remote, cable or other thing
7. Getting charged for Missing Remote when returing equipment
8. Can’t get laptop to talk to the projector
9. No projector screen when you needed one at this location
10.  Smells like something’s burning when I plug it in, and it ain’t love

Projectors and Screens can be delivered to your meeting room.

If you are like me, you are already nervous because you have to speak in front of people. Last thing you need is a problem with your technology, such as when you can’t get the laptop to work with the projector. By having a professional technician at your side, things can go wrong and you still look good, you have a tech to help.

That’s why you need your projector delivered and hooked up to your laptop computer. Our technicians will make sure everything works so you can worry about your presentation and not the equipment hookup.

With Tech Travel Agent service, you are no longer alone with your presentation. A Tech Travel Agent is just a cell phone call or text message away. With one phone call or text message* you can get extra equipment, a tech to help you with your equipment and one more thing….

…peace of mind. Next time you want to save and have your projector shipped to your million dollar presentation location, don’t. Get one delivered, on-time, pre-tested and ready to go to make your million dollar presentation look like two million.

To schedule a projector rental anywhere in the US, Canada and other parts of the world, call your Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772. To provide us with specific information about delivery location, length of rental visit the Rentacomputer.com Projector Rental Page.

*Your Tech Travel Agent will provide their number for text messaging. Call 800-736-8772 to get setup.

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