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Easy Convenient Service On-site delivery, set-up installation available on all Information Technology equipment, computer rental, security camera system rental and AV technology.

Audio Visual Rentals for Corportate Events - USA, Canada, UK

Save up to 50% off Hotel, Conference, Trade show and Convention AV Equipment Rates with a Tech Travel Agent.

Q: Do you need rental notebook computers, projectors, microphones and speakers, plasma TV flat screens, or other technology rental at a hotel or convention center?
A: We have it all! Let us help you book your tech rental equipment with a Tech Travel Agent and save up to 50% over “In-House AV” rental rates.

Get a Fast Quote on any Rental

If you need a BenQ Projector Rental then is the place for you. Call us today at 800-736-8772 to get your BenQ Projector Rental.

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