Projector Rental Saves Small Business Owner

Meeting Room ProjectorsEverybody knows that if it is possible for something to go wrong at the worst possible moment, then that is exactly when it will happen. You’re running late for work and your car breaks down or the coldest weather of the year arrives and your furnace won’t turn on. Problems, it seems, tend to rear their heads when they are the least needed. And while your car breaking down or your furnace not turning on are drastic problems in your home life, problems in your business life can be just as bad, like the story of our good friend Francisco from Los Angeles, California.

Francisco owns his very own digital media design company. His workforce isn’t very big but they have a trusted following in their area of loyal and repeat customers. Well, not too long ago, Francisco got the opportunity of a lifetime. One of the biggest companies in his area called and wanted their logos redesigned for their websites, business cards etc…, and they asked Francisco and his team to tackle the job. They wanted to set up a meeting with Francisco so he could show them some design ideas and previous work he had done for other customers.

Francisco had everything set up the day of the meeting but, like anyone could have expected, the worst thing happened. Not more than a couple of hours before his meeting, Francisco’s meeting room projector decided to quit working. Probably the biggest deal in his career so far and Francisco had no way of presenting his designs to the customers. In many cases this is a deal ender. In this case, if you have to reschedule, most big companies will just take their business elsewhere, leaving you to fall flat.

However, Francisco had another solution, a projector rental. Francisco Googled Los Angeles projector rentals and the first result that came up was He called, got a fast and easy quote and had his projector that same day ensuring that his meeting went off as smoothly as possible. is one of the top computer and technology rental providers in the country and has been in the industry for over 20 years. When Francisco called, a personal Tech Travel Agent talked him through his entire rental process from what specific brand and model of projector he needed, how many he needed, when he needed it and where he needed it delivered. Francisco got a fast and easy quote from his Tech Travel Agent who knew that he needed his projector that day.

Francisco got his projector that day due to’s local delivery service. will have a local technician from wherever you need your equipment installed come out and deliver your projector, computer or whatever else you need. Your local technician will also personally setup, install and test all of your equipment for you to make sure that it is running properly. And when your project is done, the technician will pick your order and return it for you making it completely hassle-free for you.

So the next time you are having a technological problem or you need any type of technological rental, check out They have been in the industry for over 20 years and are one of the most well-known companies in the country, which means if you go with, you are going with a company you can trust, just ask Francisco.

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