Direct2Drive Acquired by GameFly

GameFly, the highly popular game renting service that takes its queue from Netflix, has recently purchased Direct2Drive, the PC game download service first set up by the popular gaming website IGN. GameFly is a rental-by-mail service that allows customers to rent games for their consoles and have them delivered by mail, very similar to the way Netflix does with movies. Direct2Drive is a direct download service that is pretty much the same thing as Steam, allowing gamers to buy and download PC games directly to their hard drive without the need of physically going out and buying the game.

This new deal combines Direct2Drive’s extensive library of over 3,000 PC and Mac games with GameFly’s collection of over 7,000 new and used games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS and GameBoy Advance. According to Evan Narcisse of, “The acquisition makes GameFly more of an analogue to Netflix than any other entity in the gaming business. Netflix offers access to content on two ways, on disc and via streaming.”

As a part of the transaction, IGN will gain a minority equity stake in GameFly. However, the website will play no direct role in the operations or governance of GameFly. News Corporation is said to be taking one observer seat on GameFly’s board as well though other terms of the deal have not been disclosed to the public.

According to CEO of GameFly David Hodess, “We’re very excited to bring the D2D team on board at GameFly and expand our ability to deliver games to consumers. Only GameFly can offer a complete library of physical and digital games for the PC, Mac and consoles in one place.”

Jorge Espinel of News Corp. Digital Media Group added, “GameFly has been an innovator in the video games industry, and it continues to evolve with the expansion of its digital offering. We’re excited to continue working and partnering with GameFly moving forward.”

The addition of PC games to GameFly’s library is a major step forward for the company. While console gaming is red hot right now, there are a lot more PC gamers out there. In addition to that, PC gamers are largely considered to be the more “hard core” gamers, so aiming at this market should bring nothing but profit for GameFly.

Source: Game Hunters – Video game rental service GameFly acquires computer game firm Direct2Drive

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