LCD Rentals

LCD Rentals

LCD Technology Explained

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology is a display technology that takes advantage of the light modulating properties of liquid crystals.  Since the crystals do not emit light themselves, LCDs use metal halide lamps because they produce a wide range of colors at ideal color temperatures.  Additionally, metal halide lamps enable a display to emit large amounts of light in a small area.  The light from the lamp is dispersed through a series of dichroic filters (liquid crystals) to three panels, one for each color component of a video signal (red, green, blue). An electrical current is applied to toggle the color on or off, depending on what shade of what color is being displayed. This gives the LCDs their wide color range.

LCD Rentals offers a full line of LCD Rentals ranging from flat screen TVs to projectors. LCD technology allows devices that utilize it to be small, compact and lightweight. These devices also consume low amounts of power, have no geometric distortion, can be made into almost any size or shape (large flat screen TVs, small projectors), have little or no flicker depending on the backlight technology, have no theoretical resolution limit, and unlike DLP technology are not affected by screen burn-in (but image persistence can occur).

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