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“What does it cost to rent a computer?” is a common question asked everyday.

The answer is based on several thousand factors which all comes down to basic supply and demand at the installation location.

Factors include things such as:

1. desktop, laptop or tablet and operating system
2. ram, hard drive and display size specification
3. brand
4. location and quantity needed
5. current availability at target date
6. amount of lead time

Image: Just as Stock Prices Drop when Demand is Low, Rental Rates also Drop when Demand is Low, Tech Travel Agents save you money during low demand periods. By booking early, a Tech Travel Agent can lock in lower prices BEFORE demand increases.

Rental rates of technology vary daily, just like the stock market. As demand for temporary technology increases, the price also increases. On the opposite side, as supply increases, prices go down. Sometimes as much as 50% less expensive.

“If the product is sitting on the shelf, it’s not making anyone any money. So we get the vendor to cut rates when they have a lot of product on their shelves. We get those lower rates for our customers.” Darcy Mann,

Lead time is also a factor. If there is time to prepare and test equipment before delivery, costs are lower than emergency situations.

Tech Travel Agents from work with hundreds of computer rental companies worldwide to configure, image, deliver, setup, provide service including networking and connection to the internet during project period and pickup all equipment. By working with multiple vendors, only a Tech Travel Agent from can command low rental rates and the best service from our vendor companies.

To answer the question in genera, a ‘modern’ laptop computer rents for about $99 per week. Projectors also rent for about $99 per week if we ship them to you. Shipping is additional. And subject to availability.

Publishing a fixed price is not a good idea since at different times, prices could be lower or higher. rents all kinds of technology from hundreds of companies worldwide. This saves you time and money. You only have to deal with one vendor for multiple locations and product needs.

Other rental products include copiers, plasma flat screens, lcd projectors, dlp projectors, iPads, servers, networks, printers, kiosks, video walls, and more.


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