Attenuate The Madness: How To Stay Sane In Event Planning

If you plan large events, then you are very aware of how maddening life can be when trying to make sure your event runs perfectly. One of the most arduous tasks for event planners is procuring all the necessary technology, as well as getting it to your venue and installed on time. Event technology might include anything from computers and servers, to projectors, plasmas or even sound and lighting systems. Not only is gathering technology stressful, it can get pretty costly. Traditionally there have been two possible solutions to the technology procurement problem:

1) Self-Procurement: Where the event planner takes it upon himself or herself to pull the technology together through various and sundry means.

2) The In-house Solution: Where the planner simply relies upon the venue to supply and support the technology.

The first isn’t really a ‘solution’ at all, it is just gritting one’s teeth and enduring the burden. The second at the very least is a solution, but this fact alone does not make it a desirable one. It is often tempting to outsource this task to the convention center or hotel, relying on their in-house technology and “technicians” to service your event. Though this solution might initially seem intuitive while trying to navigate the event planning jungle, there are good reasons to avoid it.

The first reason is that you can count on other event planners having the same intuition you might have, namely that using the in-house technology services is the quickest and least stressful solution. After all, one might reason, the technology needed is already on site. This is no doubt true, but it’s also certain that in-house technology is overused, since the initial convenience factor appeals to most planners. So while there is convenience in the in-house solution, there no guarantee that the equipment hasn’t been used and abused in countless other events at the venue, and the more used the tech is, the higher the odds that it fails when you are relying on it most.

This brings us to our second reason. When the in-house technology breaks down, you have to utilize the ‘technical services’ of the convention center or hotel. The chances that the venue sends a highly skilled technician to service your problem is very low. After all, the key service that a convention center or hotel provides is a venue, not technology experts to service technical difficulties. The last thing you want is to have your event come to a screeching halt caused by a technical difficulty that could have been avoided, and that the venue employees are inept at servicing.

There is a third solution to the technology procurement problem however, you can contact a Tech Travel Agent at With just one phone call you can get a single solution for all the technology you need for your event, including on-time delivery, installation, and troubleshooting services. Our agents only procure the best technology that is reliable and ready to use. You don’t have to lose an arm, leg or your mind in the event planning jungle, and you don’t have to chance it with in-house technology.

So attenuate the madness, and let help plan your event and keep you sane! To contact a Tech Travel Agent, call or submit a quote request at

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