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This week’s video is of an Aussie lost in the “Jungle of Technology Rental Options,” only to be saved when he remembers that a Tech Travel Agent from can handle all his rental needs. For casual viewers, this is just a goofy skit, but for anyone who has rented technology this is the sad reality of the business.

When renting technology, there are SO many options that you have to look at and if you’re renting in multiple locations or cities, then the options are even more complex. What type of equipment do you need? How many do you need? What accessories do you need? Who is going to set it up? Who is going to tear it down? Will you need spares or extras? Will the equipment work with the technology available already on site? Who should call if something breaks? Is there an emergency after-hours number? Should you have the equipment delivered a day early to test? Who’s going to load your software and applications on the computers? How many pages will you be able to copy of the copier? What if it runs out of ink/toner? How many people will be able to use the wireless internet?

These are just a small sample of the questions that come up when renting technology, but they are also the questions that people often forget about because they are worried about a different question: how much will it cost? This question, while important, doesn’t always paint an accurate picture of a technology rental service. Some vendors may be cheap but charge for many extras and do not provide “all-inclusive” quotations. Others may be expensive but may contain many ‘bells and whistles’ that you will never use. Deciding on the correct type of technology rental to fit your needs can be daunting. makes it simple. We deliver and set up equipment in over 1500 cities, and we have virtually any piece of equipment you could need. Our expert staff of Tech Travel Agents can help guide you to the perfect piece of equipment, at the perfect price, no matter when or how long you need it. Don’t get lost in the jungle of technology options; use and save yourself time and money.

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