Get Everything You Need for a Video Game Tournament

The video game industry isn’t usually the first place you think of when you think of technology rentals. However, whether you are developing the latest and greatest video game or hosting your very own gaming tournament having the best possible equipment is essential for success.

Gaming Industry Rentals

Top quality products are expected in daily operations within the video game industry and it is important to have everything you need when you need it. Most video games in development are under tight schedules with release dates that need to be met. The same thing goes for tournaments. When everybody shows up to play, you need to ensure that all of your equipment is in order.

Technology rentals for the video game and gaming industry can be vital to the success or failure of a project or tournament. When it comes to gaming rentals, the most common thing to have is top notch display equipment. Things like projectors, monitors, video walls and HD or 4K TVs are all vital pieces of audio visual rentals that are popular for video game tournaments, demos or product launches.

Video game development companies typically rent servers to test their software and hardware. In addition to that, they rent servers for scaling up their operations for new games or when gearing up for presentations, events, product launches or demos.

No matter what type of technology you need, how long of a rental period and no matter what you need it for, Tech Travel Agent is your one single point of contact from start to finish. That includes taking your order, acquiring your equipment, arranging the delivery of your equipment, managing setup and installation, offering you technical support and handling the pickup once you’re event is over.

With 25 years of experience in the technology rental industry, understands the needs of the video game industry. Regardless, if you are a video game developer looking for tech to expand your business or  just a humble gamer looking to host your own tournament, can handle any and all of your video game and gaming industry needs.

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