OS X Mountain Lion To Be Released This Summer

Apple has announced the release of their upcoming and latest version of the Apple OS X operating system. Mountain Lion, as it has been dubbed within Apple’s established tradition of naming its versions after large wild feline, is set to release this summer of 2012.
Navigate Through The Clouds
The theme under which Mountain Lion is being portrayed can be summed up as “Inspired by iPad, Re-imagined for Mac”, alluding to the fact that Apple’s aim with Mountain Lion is to distill features and functions from its iPad tablet platform to a laptop and desktop platform. One of the main pushes for the new version is a more comprehensive use of iCloud. According to Apple, “In OS X Mountain Lion, sign in once with your Apple ID and  iCloud is automatically set up across your Mac”, such that when you perform an addition, deletion or edit of a file on your Mac, that change is reflected on your other Apple devices that are connected to the cloud.Messages Across The Cloud
A new feature being pushed on the Mountain Lion platform will be Messages, which amounts to being iMessage in iOS run on the larger Mac platform, which allows you to send messages, photos, videos, or documents to anyone or any group. When Messages functions in conjunction with iCloud, you can pick up any conversation on your Mac on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Rapid Fire Tweeting
Mountain Lion will also have a quick Tweeting function built into its apps, allowing you to tweet at a moment’s notice directly from Safari, iPhoto or Photo Booth. You will also get a notification when someone mentions you in a tweet or send you a message.AirPlay Mirroring
With this new feature you can sync your Mac to your HDTV through Apple TV, so that you can stream whatever is on your Mac to an audience.These are just a few features that are forthcoming with the new OS X version, and you can rest assured that Rentacomputer.com will be procuring Apple computer rentals that are running Mountain Lion this summer. Rentacomputer.com’s tech travel agents are committed to getting the most up-to-date technology for your rental.

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