’s Top 5 Suppliers Top 5 Suppliers
There are several things to consider when naming’s top suppliers. These suppliers must have a high quality standard that sets them above the rest. To be named a top supplier, a supplier must meet several requirements such as:

  • Have a proven track record of service to and it’s clients
  • Five+ years of technology rental business or experience
  • State of the art equipment in stock
  • 24 hour service availability
  • Provide excellent and knowledgeable staff
  • Be recognized by at least one industry association as an ‘expert’ in the industry
  • Properly trained technicians / installers / engineers with correct equipment
  • Always on time’s top 5 suppliers who met these requirements for the year of 2011-2012 (year ending on June 30, 2012) are:
1. Aria Technology Solutions, LLC, Chicago, Illinois
2. Mac Rentals, San Diego, California
3. National Technology Rentals, Sterling, Virginia (Washington DC)
4. SWA Computers, San Francisco, California
5. Access Audio Visual, Cincinnati, Ohio

Congratulations suppliers! appreciates your partnership and your excellent service!

About Using Technology Suppliers

The technology rental industry is unique due to the volume of equipment needed for large jobs and the sporadicness of the industry peak times.

Technology rental pricing is more about supply and demand than the price of the underlying equipment. Just like any commodity, there are only X amount of Plasmas, iPads and Projectors in a given city. When that supply is strained due to high demand, prices rise. Lock in the lowest prices, book your technology rental as soon as possible.The sooner you book, the lower the cost on most events.

For more information on our supplier program, please see’s Supplier Program.

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