Short Throw Projectors for Tradeshow Booths

There are many times when a standard LCD/DLP projector will just not fit your needs.  This is especially true for the tradeshow industry.  How many times have you wanted to show your presentation to showcase your product in your booth but just did not have the space to pull the projector back far enough to get that nice large image you wanted?  An ultra-short throw projector is perfect for these occasions.

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Our projector rental selection has changed a lot since this article was written in 2012. To view our full selection of projectors, from standard to laser and large venue to DVD projectors, click here.

The ViewSonic PJD7383i is an ultra-short throw DLP projector boasting a 0.61:1 fixed lens.  The short-throw lens allows for spectacular images from up close.  An image of 81inches from just 39 inches away!  What that means for you is no longer having to settle for that micro-small image in your booth.  You can connect your computer or DVD player in minutes and be making those important show contacts in no time.

Renting the ViewSonic PJD7383i or any other LCD/DLP projector is easy with a Tech Travel Agent from  Projectors from 2000 lumens to 10000 lumens, HD, DVD, Ultra-Portable. To learn more about our current projectors and how to use them for your benefit, read our Projector Selection Guide.

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A Tech Travel Agent will listen to your needs and assist with connecting you with the right equipment.  This includes local support and installation or drop shipping the equipment direct to your site. is the only technology rental solutions provider with the network of Tech Travel Agents assisting clients for over 25 years across the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. Our top ten most popular cities are New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, D.C., Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles.

Tech Travel Agent: Randy Moore

Looking for a short-throw projector rental for your business or event? You’ll have peace of mind in knowing Randy Moore has a vast experience in renting all types of projectors. Randy can answer any questions you have about renting projectors, pipe and drape, staging equipment, additional technology equipment, and our event production services. Contact Randy today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 225 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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