iPads are leading the way in remote education

Updated 9/10/20: You’re probably aware by now of the unprecedented change in the education system in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. But what you might not know is the chaos created by the COVID-19 shutdown has opened the door for tech companies like Apple and Microsoft to develop further their remote-learning devices, applications, and other resources.

Remote Learning iPads

The iPad giant launched a remote-learning resource site created to give educators, parents, and students tips about remote teaching and learning, respectively. Apple has also improved its iCloud collaboration capabilities by allowing users to share entire folders and edit software (like iWork) even when you’re offline.

Apple has worked tirelessly to update its educational tools in this challenging time for those who work or attend elementary, high school, or university-level educational facilities. Schools around the country now have access to the second generation of the Schoolwork app. This app lets teachers manage assignments and information over the cloud. With the app, teachers can check students’ progress and share information and materials remotely.

Apple Dominating in Remote Education

The tablet market saw a “renaissance” in the second quarter of 2020 thanks to the spark in remote education and work-from-home trends due to the global shutdown.

According to a report by Canalys:

  • Worldwide tablet shipments reached 37.5 million united, a 26% year-over-year increase.
  • Apple’s iPad shipments grew by 20% during the same period, with 14 million units shipped. With this, the iPad giant assumed 38% of the tablet market share during the 2nd quarter.
  • Behind Apple, in the tablet market, Samsung, Amazon, and Lenovo also saw a steep increase in shipment volume.

The recent success of Apple and Lenovo in the tablet market demonstrates that having a tablet offering, as a mainstream PC vendor, is an invaluable foot in the door when it comes to remote learning and working consumers.

In recent years before 2020, the tablet market had faltered. Still, due to the rise in remote work, learning, and leisure during the coronavirus shutdowns, the tablet market has seen a surge like no period in recent memory.

The resurgence in the tablet market was also facilitated by financial incentives for retailers and carriers and manufacturers ramping up production of these devices that are particularly useful during the coronavirus era.

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