If Power is What You’re Looking for then a Full-Size Laptop is What You Need

full-size laptopNotebooks and ultrabooks are the ideal laptop rental for any traveling businessman. Their sleek designs and lightweight frames make them exceptionally portable and one of the most hassle-free pieces of equipment you can get. However, some business professionals have a need for a temporary laptop with a little more kick, which is why Rentacomputer.com allows you to  rent a full-size laptop as well!

Full-size laptop computer rentals are perfect if you need a highly mobile computer that has more computing power than the smaller netbook or ultrabook laptops that are all the rage these days. Sure it’s nice to have that sleek, clean look that is customary with netbooks, but when power is your need,  nothing beats the good ol’  fashioned full-size.

One type of full-size laptop rental that Rentacomputer.com offers are PC Laptop Rentals. Rentacomputer.com has a wide array of PC laptops from all the major brands in the business including Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba and IBM/Lenovo. All of these PC laptops also come with Windows 7 pre-loaded but you can opt for whatever operating system you are most comfortable with, like Vista or even XP.

In addition to renting a PC laptop, Rentacomputer.com  customers can also rent an Apple laptop if Mac OS X is more your style. You can get a number of different Apple laptops from Rentacomputer.com, whether you need a Macbook or a Macbook Pro. Most of Rentacomputer.com’s Apple laptop rentals come with Mac OS X Snow Leopard pre-installed but it isn’t a problem if you prefer to use Mac OS X Lion, the newest iteration of Apple’s operating system.

Rentacomputer.com also ensures the integrity of your data when you get a full-size laptop rental. Rentacomputer.com can have your rental delivered directly to your hotel room, convention center or business location easily and can also have your company’s own software pre-loaded on your device when it arrives.

So the next time you find yourself looking for a temporary laptop with a little meat on its bones, consider a full-size laptop rental from Rentacomputer.com. With over 25 years in the business of  nationwide computer and technology rentals, you know you are going with a name you can trust when you choose Rentacomputer.com.

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