One Sure Way to Relieve Tax Season Stress

Tax season is quickly approaching and Technology Travel Agents are there to help Accounting Professionals reduce their stress. With all of the new tax laws from the extension of Bush Tax cuts to Obamacare and Social Security tax increases, the demand for more seasonal workers creates a need for more equipment from computers to printers, copiers and fax machines.

CPA Insiders suggests that tax season is not for wimps but doesn’t have to drain our employees either by providing 7 Ways to Ease Tax Season Stress.

Let me suggest 1 more way:  Rent your extra tax season equipment  for just the amount of time needed!  Renting equipment is easy, fast and cost effective.  It eliminates the long-term financial commitment for purchase and maintenance, while filling an immediate need quickly.  No need to STRESS at the end of tax season either. When you are ready, all equipment is coordinated and picked up at your convenience.

Take a deep breath and contact Your Personal Technology Travel Agent today.

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