The Best of Mobile Power and Portability Combine to Form the iPad Mini

iPad Mini rentalsApple’s iPad is arguably the hottest selling item for the Cupertino company and has spanned not only multiple different iterations of the device but has also set the standard for tablet PCs. The newest version of the iPad is the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is, like its name implies, a smaller version of the traditional iPad and is also the newest iPad rental that has to offer.

The iPad Mini is definitely the most portable tablet on the market, with a 7.9″ display and a thickness of only 0.3″. In addition to that, it comes with all the latest features that Apple has to offer, including Apple iOS 6, 16GB of memory, a screen resolution of 1,024 x 768, dual Core A5 processor, up to ten hours of battery life, rear and front-facing cameras, WiFi and Bluetooth.

One of the biggest new features to the iPad Mini is the inclusion of the dual core A5 chip. These chips are extremely power-efficient and make every action feel smooth and natural. Whether you are surfing the internet, browsing your photos, watching a video, face-chatting with friends or family, or playing a game, this chipset will not disappoint you.

Renting an iPad Mini is a great idea if you are headed to a convention or trade show and you want something that will allow you to stay connected to the internet while also allowing you to remain completely and totally mobile. With its small size and ability to surf the internet, check email, watch videos or even face chat, the iPad Mini is the perfect convention companion. also offers iPad Mini rentals for your entire team if you need them. Every single person you take with you to your next convention or trade show can have an iPad Mini if the occasion calls for it and is capable of getting you as many iPad Mini rentals as you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

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