Traveling Abroad with a Computer is Risky Business

Traveling Abroad With A Computer Is RiskyTraveling overseas with a computer can be a challenging prospect.  Business trips often require you to have access to your files and the ability to create new documents or spreadsheets.   If you are a free-lance writer, you may find that traveling on vacation also allows you to do some work if you have your laptop.  But bringing your computer along is also a significant liability. Most travelers who bring a computer on a trip depend on it for a living, and so you should ask yourself how important it is for you to have your personal computer while abroad.

There are common threats computers face when taken overseas: power surges, theft, climate factors, damage from wear and tear, etc.  Consider just bringing a few important files on an external USB storage device and rent a computer for your trip.  There are various countries like the UK, Canada, Spain, Germany and France to name a few, where you can have a computer waiting for you upon your arrival.  This saves you on your baggage/carry-on allowance, one less thing to haul through the airports and eliminates risk of damage or theft to your personal computer.   Take the computer off your list of items to pack!

A single call or e-mail puts you in touch with an experienced Tech Travel Agent who will develop unique solutions for your unique challenges.  Everything from iPads to netbooks and full-size laptops is available to you, all with built-in wireless capability.  As always, if you know what you need right now, you can visit the Rent A  quote page and take care of business right now—24/7/365!

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