Microsoft Releases Surface With Windows Pro 8

Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft has announced February 9, 2013 as the release date for their Surface with the Windows 8 Pro operating system.

The Surface with Windows 8 Pro has gone through a major overhaul when compared to the Surface with Windows RT. For example, the Windows 8 Pro operating systems will allow users to continue using Windows 7 applications and integrate with your existing infrastructure.

The security system has also undergone a significant upgrade.  AppLocker and Group Policy allow application and security policy control. BitLocker gives the user the enhanced data protection. Furthermore, Windows 8 Pro is compatible with third party security systems.

The Surface 8 Pro offers more storage,  64 GB  that can be upgraded to 128 GB,  while the Surface Windows RT comes with 32 GB of storage that can be upgraded.

The new system is now 13.5 mm in thickness and weighs 2 lbs.  In comparison, the Windows RT is 9.3 mm in thickness while weighing in at 1.5 lbs. The USB port is now a 3.0 versus the 2.0 and the HD video out port has been replaced with a Mini DisplayPort. The MiniDisplayPort is an open source port and allows for higher resolutions using smaller connections.

I do like the changes Microsoft implemented in the Surface Windows 8 Pro, I’m just not certain the $400 price increase is justified.

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  1. Its awesome to see that Microsoft launching surface with new operating system windows 8 pro… I am eagerly waiting to buy it.

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