Dell Buyout Could Be a Sign of New Products to Come

Michael Dell, creator of his namesake brand of PCs, announced today that he was buying back his own company.  While he has remained on the board of Dell with 14% ownership in stock, he, along with some substantial help, is going to privatize Dell and remove its shares from trading.   The deal, still awaiting approval, would pay stockholders $13.65 in cash per each share.

Dell says the transaction “will open an exciting new chapter” for the company.  The buyout would also prove to be very lucrative for the founder and new investors.  Without Wall Street hanging over its shoulder, Dell can get rid of under-performing businesses, allow massive layoffs and make new leaps into mobile, cloud and data center based businesses, software and services that promise higher profit margins.  Because of this it may possibly create new competition for the Apple family.

Maybe we will begin to see exploration by Dell into the mobile realm as the next step in its history.  Jason Fell, of Entrepeneur, Inc.  wrote a brief history timeline of Dell.  Understanding where Dell has been may give us insight into where Dell is going now and it looks like it will be under the leadership of Michael Dell again.

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