Now Has iPad Mini Rentals!

iPad prides itself on offering the latest in all types of technology rentals. has everything from iPad 2 rentals and MacBook rentals to Windows 8 desktop and tablet rentals. In addition to that, is also extremely pleased to announce the newest addition to the rental family, iPad Mini rentals!

The iPad Mini is the most portable tablet to hit the market to date. Its 7.9″ display gives the user a complete iPad experience on a more manageable device that only measures 0.3″ thick. In addition to that, Apple’s line of iPads are also known for their fast performances, and with the iPad Mini’s A5 chip, this device definitely lives up to that expectation.

The iPad Mini offers a ton of different features and specifications, including Apple iOS 6, 16GB of space, 7.0″ 1,024 x 768 display, dual core A5 processor, up to 10 hours of battery life, rear and front facing cameras, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, plus access to Apple’s extensive App store.

The power-efficient A5 chip completes the experience by making all the user’s actions feel smooth and natural. Whether you are surfing the internet in Safari, flicking through photos, watching videos in vivid detail, chatting with family on a FaceTime call, or playing a game, the iPad Mini will not disappoint. Plus, it also brings all of this to users in 1080p HD.

There are a ton of reasons people look into renting an iPad Mini from Most users like to have them when they traverse the halls of a convention center or trade show because they can have everything they need on a single mobile device that easily fits into a pocket! Plus, they also make great ways to collect and store data and keep in contact with your team.

But there are even more applications for the iPad Mini than that and I’m sure you could think of a few ways to use it that I haven’t. No matter what you need it for, an iPad Mini rental is the perfect piece of temporary technology and is your number one source for one!

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