Why A Video Can Help Achieve Better Sales

Video Wall Rentals Easy and AffordableA trade show exhibit can be a puzzling challenge in today’s media driven world.   Simply throwing a table cloth over a table and scattering brochures and freebie pens around won’t achieve the goals you have set for presenting at the event.

Adding the “wow” factor to your booth by using video technology is both easy and will be a small investment with possibly big returns.

A well-produced video, shown on the correct equipment, will add clarity to your message and selling features, which means more impact on your target audience/customers.   Large displays are no longer just for the big boys on the block.  Renting is affordable and can make your competition sit up and take notice.

Let the video do all of the hard work, open up discussion, and relieve you of having to employ any hard-sell tactiRent A Kiosk For Your Trade Show Boothcs.  A 90-second opening video can accomplish more in a very short amount of time, leaving you more time to build rapport with your customers.   Our younger workforce is looking for engagement  and interaction, yes, even at work.

A gripping video that engages your customers will tap into their emotions and hold them at your booth that much longer.  Also, don’t put that video away just because the trade show is over.  A great video can be used on Facebook, YouTube or your website for an expanded period of time.  Here’s a little bit of trivia for you:  72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every second!

Lastly,  today’s customers have come to expect technology as a big part of anything they experience.  Jump into the game with both feet and start seeing greater success from your next event.

Whether you produce and display your video with your own gear or need an AV Rental of perhaps a projector, a 50″ display, or even a video wall, we are ready to assist you in making your next sales exhibit an eye-catching space.  Contact a Tech Travel Agent today at 800-736-8772 to get started!

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